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Business administration

The administration and tax returns of your business simplified to uploading your receipts.

A bookkeeper for your business administration?

Do you need a bookkeeper and a tax advisor for you business administration? These days there is software which enables you to do your own administration, right? Well, processing your invoices and receipts has indeed become a whole lot more simple these days, most of the times the data is even processed automatically.

But setting up a business administration that gives you a clear overview already makes it a bit harder. A clear overview is essential when building a successful and financially sound business. An then there are taxes. How are you going to handle your income tax return and/or corporate income tax return? And the Value Added Tax (VAT) declaration? Can you create your own annual report you might need in future to apply for a business loan or mortgage buying a new house?

And are you planning to figure out all the tax regulations, deductions and exemptions yourself? Or might it be a smarter move to focus on your business and do what you do best?

Choosing to outsource your business administration and tax returns goes much further than processing your invoices and receipts. Outsourcing it to a good bookkeeper and tax advisor also add the benefits of having a financial and tax advisor to help you with your business and questions. It adds having a business advisor you can call whenever you have a financial or tax related question. An advisor that helps you to do business and makes sure what your doing is according to the tax regulations.

All in bedrijfsadministratie voor ondernemer zzp en mkb - Profinancials boekhoudkantoor en belastingadvies Eindhoven

All-in business administration and tax consulting

Profinancials specializes in the administration and taxation for you as a business owner. For a low cost fixed monthly fee we take care of your entire administration. Included is the creation of your annual reports and filing of your tax returns such as the income tax return, corporate income tax return and VAT declaration.

We regularly keep in touch to answer all your questions in an understandable way. And if we see you might be able to do smarter business we are sure to give you (un)solicited advice.

Financial & Tax advisors

You will get a personal advisor that understands your business, knows you and answers all your tax and finance related questions. What exactly is the ’kleineondernemersregeling (KOR)’? Can I deduct certain expenses? Would it be smarter to do an investment now or postpone it? A simple phone call, e-mail or even a Whatsapp message will get you the right answer for your situation.

Your entire business administration will be kept digitally, enabling you to check your files and financial situation whenever it suits you.

Are you a startup entrepreneur? We will help you setting up the invoice processes and set your whole business process up as efficient as possible

Profinancials belastingadvies voor ondernemers eindhoven - financieel expert geeft uitleg aan ondernemer

Business expenses

Our services are fully deductable. So not only will you get your business administration and tax return handled well. You can deduct the costs from your taxable income. Yet another reason why many business owners hire a bookkeeper and tax advisor for their business..
For a fixed low monthly fee starting at € 75,- per month excl. VAT we will take care of your entire administration and tax returns.

All you have to is upload your invoices and receipts.

Want us to take care of your business administration?

Feel free to contact us today. We are happy to inform you about the benefits it will have for your business.

Frequently asked questions about all-in administration for business owners

We take care of your entire account. The only thing you need to do is upload the invoices and receipts of your sales and expenses. You can also decide to create and send invoices out digitally yourself within the same software, which means you will only have to upload the invoices and receipts of your expenses.

The online accounting solution gives you online access to your entire business administration. Even via your mobile. So where ever you are, you can instantly see where your business is at.

Yes! Once a month or once a quarter we prepare your VAT declaration based on the financial administration. After your approval we will file it digitally at the ‘Belastingdienst’. For this we do not need your personal login in details. As a registered tax consultant with the Dutch tax authorities we can use our own software to file the tax returns on your behalf.

If the ’kleineondernemersregeling (KOR)’ possibly applies to you, we will advise in this respect and discuss if you still want to file your VAT declaration and if we should apply for an exemption of administration obligations.

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Yes! After we close the financial year we will create your business annual report if this is obliged by law. This depends on your company structure. If you like to discuss your business annual report we will also set up a meeting with you. If not obliged by law, you might need the annual report for various other reasons like for making investments, or getting a loan or mortgage. If you want us to do so, we will also deposit the annual report at the ‘Kamer van Koophandel’, which is the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

Note that some companies are obliged to deposit their annual reports.

After we close the financial year (equal to a calendar year) and the annual report is made, you will need to file your income tax return or corporate income tax return. Included in the all-in package is preparing this / these for you and discussing the results. Only after your approval we will file these at the ‘Belastingdienst’.

When we prepare your tax return we will not simply input the information needed to get to a result. We will also access your (tax) position. We will take all tax exemptions, possible returns and benefits into account that might apply to your specific situation. Added to that we will not only access your current situation but will look into the historic data and possible future as well.

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If you employ people we can also provide you with payroll services. Your employees will gain access to a personal online portal from which they can download their monthly pay slips. Payroll services are not included in the all-in package, but offered as a separate service.

As an employer you will gain access to your personal portal as well, where you will find all relevant information regarding the renumeration of your employees.

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